Camp Good News Kauai



 Camp this year will be at the Makanalani campsite in Kilauea and will be July 15-19.

  Tomahawks VS. Lancers

Have as much fun with your friends as possible! For many like yourself, Camp Good News Kauai is the absolute highlight of their entire year. Swimming, crazy sports, bold beach games, fearless fabulous food, crab hunting, gutsy gritty games, inspiring discussions, nervy noble night games, and heroic friends you will keep all your life are just some stuff that goes on at this awesome place.

Here is a Typical Day:

7:30           Superhero swim

8:00           hit the deck


8:30           Breakfast

9:00           KP/Batcave Clean-up / Junior Counselor Strategy Meeting

9:30           Gotham City Chapel – Personal Devotions

10:00         International Summit - Missionary Story

10:30         Superman and Supergirl swim

11:15         Justice League Game


12:00         Lunch

12:30         KP/Clean Bathrooms

1:00           Batcave Time

2:00           Superior Snack Bar

2:30           Courageous Camp Sport

3:30           Bat Girls swim/Bat Mans special Mission

4:30           Bat Mans swim/Bat Girls special Mission

5:30           Super Shower


6:00           Daring Dinner

6:30           KP

7:00           Awesome Assembly

8:00           Superior Snack Bar

8:30           Gotham City Game

9:30           Batcave Time

10:00         Lights out